Literature Discussion Area
Part I
1. Post General Comments to The Giver:
The Giver is vary differnt from are world. Sadie

2. Post General Comments to The Outsiders:
The Outsiders was a really depressing book. Johnny was killed, and Darry basically killed himself, which made me upset.
  • I Thought this book was just outright depressing or just silly.It was very redunculous. A lot of people died and that was sad because Jonny (Jonny Cade) died then Dally (Dallas Winston) got himself killed on purpose.

Part II
Compare and Contrast life in The Giver to our life:
Well compareing they go to school they fallow rules, but their rules are differnt from ours. They work on daily bases like us.
Contrasting- they can't see in color they can't ride their bike untill their nine for us it is are parents dission when we ride our bike.
They get their jobs given to them they dont get to pick it out. for us its what we want to do. Sadie

Compare and contrast life in The Outsiders to our life:
We have 'groups' rather than 'gangs'. More of different lifestyles(like jock/prep/emo) instead of gangs like the Socs and Greasers.

  • I don't really know how they compare because I am not a Delinquent.

Part III
Many times as we read a novel, we see some of our own characteristics in one of the characters. Which of the characters did you identify more with? Be sure to explain why in your discussion.
Well i think i more like the dad because he did stuff i wasn't suposed to do and hes brave. sadie

We have been studying various artists in class. Our most recent artist is

Wassily Kandinsky
Brandon created our informational powerpoint you see here. Everyone else created their own version of a "Kandinsky" print and added it to our collection. Enjoy!

1.jpg123.jpgkandisky_project_jani_dont_delete.jpgSABRINAS_KANDINSKI.jpgelijahbrie.jpgwild.jpgkandinsky.jpg Sadie- Kandinsky_painting.jpgCeliasadie_pic_for_art.jpg


Trent albers

Caleb B.

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